Where can I discuss Meteor?

Update In February 2015 the situation has changed – the Google Groups are no longer, please move over to the new Discourse forum for discussing Meteor. Of course, crater.io, IRC, Reddit and the others still exist. Only Google Groups has been abandoned 🙂

The beauty of communities is that you can exchange ideas, discuss problems, ask questions, and eventually extend your own and others understanding of the topic in question.

The Meteor community is no different – it is a rich, vibrant group of individuals that care deeply enough about the Meteor platform that they want to contribute their time and energy to make it truly the best tool to build realtime web applications.

Especially to newcomers in this community it can be a bit confusing when starting out, so it is natural they need some guidance where to go. Great blog articles like How do I become a web app developer – Meteor style by Ben surely get people on the right track – but where to go when you are lost?

There are various places (and even more than I list here) where the Meteor crowd gathers. These include:

Because it can be hard to determine when to visit which place I connected my brain to OmniGraffle and create a simple flow chart to illustrate the way I think whenever I want to discuss Meteor with more than just a single person (which is when I usually phone up Manuel on Skype).

This is how I decide which of the many community places to vist. Please note: The flowchart leaves out some of the mentioned resources simply because it represents my personal choice and I do not frequent some of the listed places.

Flowchart where to discuss Meteor

Which are your favorite place to connecting with the Meteor community? How do you decide what to post where?

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