View Trello Boards as lists

I like Trello. It is my first choice when I plan any kind of activity or todo list. A lot of people think so too, for example the Meteor Roadmap uses a Trello board. Unfortunately having a board view does not allow you for easy sorting on various criteria.

Recently I prepared a lightning talk on localization of Meteor apps. This topic is still in its infancy and very few really helpful information is available on the subject. Out of curiosity I wanted to see how much interest the i18n topic had compared with other items, scheduled for an earlier release. Bascially I wanted to measure whether the things coming up next on the Roadmap are actually the ones with the most votes and/or comments, or whether postponed items such as i18n had actually a much higher demand.

As it turns out, writing a converter between Trello and the famous jQuery Datatables is really simple. I tried to do it in Meteor (and at some point I shall certainly port it over), but decided to do it the old-fashioned way as I am just a Javascript beginner and felt I needed to catch up on the basics before I should play with the fancy stuff.

The Trello API, or more specifically client.js, was not too helpful for me. It made things very complicated for a n00b such as me. I decided to use plain calls to their RESTAPI instead. Together with some Twitter Bootstrap magic and the finishing jQuery touch I came up with trello2datatables. You can view any Trello board you like, but it defaults to the Meteor Roadmap.

Try it out for yourself and then go fork it, port it to Meteor or let me know how badly I screwed up here, it’s my first useful Javascript project in a while (not counting this killer Meteor-app I’ve been working on silently behind the scenes – more on that later.

Check it out at

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